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Traynor The Hun

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This confirmed anywhere, he's still on tonight's Your Call with Fat Pap http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p69p6



This rumour been doing the rounds for days. Surely if this is confirmed, he won't be able to carry on with his role at BBC. Cosgrove better doing Your Call anyway.



It was announced on rangers media last night.

They broke from planning 140 days party.



Fuck the rangers then, fuck the rangers now, fuck the rangers forever.




What a cock.

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Just proving what we already knew.

That him, and all those sycophantic cock sucking cunts at the Daily Retard are lapdogs for Celtic and the Rangers.

At least we won't have to suffer the fat bastards inane ramblings on BBC Scotland, so we should be happy.

Fuck the fat cunt.


Hopefully he gets a prank call from an Australian radio station today

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I would probably avoid the Phone-in format for a few weeks.


This is actually pretty good news, now that the dust has settled from Succulent Lambgate, and the Uncle Fester looking motherfucker has waddled off into the sunset, muttering about how "It were aw a conshpirashy againsht an innoshent Ranjursh!"


Scotland's most odious Hun apologist is, to all intents and purposes, done, finished, kaput.


No credible News outlet is going to allow this repulsive specimen any sort of regular air time or column inches now, and particularly not after his epic Alan Partridge signing off in his Daily Retard column, in which he used the term, "Needles to say, I had the last laugh" no less than 14 times.



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I identified Sportsound as unlistenable biased garbage long ago.


If they are serious about becoming objective, they have many others to dispense with as well as this bloated cretin.


Murdo Macleod being the worst offender, thinks he's commentating for Celtic radio, and havers 90 minutes of utter shit that nobody wants to hear save for the devil dug masses he's clearly pandering to.


Billy Dodds as well. Thick and biased, as well as not averse to lying on air. A lethal combination.


Derek Ferguson. No explanation required.


None of these fools understand the meaning of the statutory obligation to objectivity they are meant to be working under.

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