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What Are You Going To Have For Dinner?


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just imagine if pool, minus the alcohol, was the highlight of your week.



fuckin pathetic.


100% agree.


I feel sorry for any person who has only pool on a Monday night to sustain them through a life which is otherwise unrelenting misery.


You'd think the least such miserable fuckers could do is take drink to blot out their otherwise worthless existences, but no, some of them canna even do that.


As you say, pathetic.

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You nae get peckish after a few pints?


Aye I do.


However I put self-indulgence to one side when there's a game of pool there to be won.


There are six singles frames.


If we're not at least 4-2 up, then none of the team get to have any sandwiches.


I've seen me put a whole tray of sandwiches into an open fire after we had a particularly poor display on the singles.


It disna go down well with my subordinates but I'm there to win not to be everyone's friend.

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