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  1. 1. Would you offer him a new contract?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but on reduced terms
    • No

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Thought it was looking very likely he would leave but given he has bought a house and his wife is picking up regular work he could be a surprise candidate to pull a Mackie/Langfield and sign anything put in front of him.


I think I would lean towards moving him on with our best wishes given we already have McGinn, Vernon and McManus for next season

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I can see him having a wee purple patch of about 3 or 4 games at some point during the season but otherwise he just doesn't do near enough.


We need to keep consolidating and improving the squad with good management of contracts etc.


For me he'd be one that could be "cut" to allow others to come in.


Along with Clark.


Unfortunately, Clark is contracted for another year, so he wont be going anywhere.

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Which has it's basis in an irrational dislike, much like a lot of the criticism aimed at some other players we have or did have over the years.


He has his uses is all I'm saying, your rhetoric suggests he's useless.

Yeh, agreed. Most definitely not useless, as his finish last night proves, but his overall contribution to the team over a sustained period far outweighs his uses.

It's no irrational dislike of him as a person as I really admire him for the work he does behind the scenes.

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