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Christmas Morn


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I'd like to see Kaydee, from Texas, in her sexy santa outfit just one more time.


She used to be on the Dreamgirls porn network until she quit... and I lost all my batin' pics of her in the Great Hard Drive Crash of '06.


So if anyone can find her in that outfit, or any other pose involving... or not involving... fruit, dildos, black sailors, or Christmas ornaments.... that'll be my Christmas.


Kaydee fae Texas aff Dreamgirls.


Cheers, folks.


EDIT: I'd just like to hurriedly add that Dreamgirls™ is/was in no way affiliated with Dream Girls Texas, which appears to be one of those pageant sites for creepy folks to dress their little kids up like prostitutes and have them walk around in front of perverts. So, if you happen to Google Dreamgirls and Texas then you're likely going to think Kaydee is some 5 year old kid or suchlike based upon the results you might get following a search.


Again, I can't stress enough that I don't want anyone sending me pictures of kids dressed as Santa Claus.


Or phoning the Feds.

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