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What A Shite Away Support

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A football fan has stolen media attention in Italy after being the only supporter to show up to watch his club play an away game in the top league.


Udinese fan Arrigo Brovedani was the club's sole supporter in Genoa for a Serie A match against local team Sampdoria.


The 30-something wine merchant found himself alone in the visitors' section.


But Sampdoria stewards gave him coffee and home fans invited him for a drink after the match.


Mr Brovedani told the BBC he had not expected to find many fellow supporters from Udinese, one of the smaller clubs in Serie A.


It was a cold Monday night and Udinese never attracts more than 50 or 60 away fans.


Early boos

"But I went there thinking I'd find five or six other people," the Udinese fan said.


"I went into the stadium while they [udinese] were warming up. I shouted and said 'hi' to the team.


"When I went in the local fans booed me, I felt a bit offended.


"But in the end they clapped and invited me for coffee and a meal, and the club managers gave me a shirt. They wished me a merry Christmas."


Genoa is about four hours' drive from Friuli, where Udinese are based.


But Mr Brovedani was in Genoa on business.


"I like the stadium there, it's very similar to English stadiums," he said. "I always take my flag and scarf around - they're always in the car with me."


Luckily for Mr Brovedani, Udinese won the match 2-0 and the team dedicated their victory to their only fan. He has been invited to attend its next home match on Saturday.


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Remember going to Ayresome Park many years ago for anglo scottish cup game.

There was about 20 of us in segregated area yet about 100 smoggy bastards decided

to come in about us.

We were hoping the team would come and help coz they were doing fuckall on the pitch.


360 was probably mongst them, the daft mentalist.

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