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Five Years Ago Today

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Ridiculous night.


Never seen an atmosphere at Pittodrie like that before, thought the Ground was going to take off at one point.


I was in the lower deck of the Beach End, fucking superb game. Best I've been to at Pittodrie anyway.


The piss up afterwards was also something to behold :cheers:


Then waking up with a beasting hangover next day, we're first out the hat during the draw and we're paired with Bayern Munich :laughing::bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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It will be a while before we see that again. Fucking amazing bounce that got better with every goal, never left Pittodrie so satisfied.

:crossfingers: that we get two decent trips ti Hampden this year :flag:


Im afraid I have bad news


1) we are already out of one cup.

2) footy teams arent playing at hampden next couple of years as its being prepared for the 2014 games.



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I stand corrected! I was a year out.... my bad




Haha no bother, you made me question myself with that one.

In all seriousness though I hope ti fuck we do get ti Hampden. Ive never seen the Dons lift a trophy live but i would imagine it would be unforgetable. Just as unforgetable as the time I bit into my Kit Kat to discover it was all chocolate! Man, what a blast we had that night...

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Aye it was an unbelievable night, folk were falling about all over the place at the 1st goal, let alone the others :)


Shows you how immense the atmosphere was, cause even the 2 goals we scored against Munich never got the reaction like Smith's 2 goals against the Danes.


I remember i was still nervous even at 2-0, but then once the guy scored the O.G i relaxed and enjoyed every minute after that :bounce:

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This thread is microcosmic of being a don. Magic night, best for a while. Fair sniff of whinge in it though! lol.gif


I just mind smith hitting the first and all the nervous tension of "we're gonna get fucked" just evaporated. It just slotted in like a wee relief valve going off. Then the rest came and all the tims (canna mind why they were so vocal?) who were saying we'd be fucked could shelf their paddy patter.

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Remember leaving the ground in Madrid dejected when somebody announced that if Madrid beat Copenhagen next week then we beat them also we could go through :dancin:


I mind watching a bottle fly though the air "fuck thats been up there for ages" then it landed right at my feet. Half a meter longer and my new nickname would be scarface. lol.gif

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Great night, for once we actually pulled something unexpected off. Kinda surreal being in Europe after christmas which the OF always made such a big song and dance about. Wasn't that our worst season in the league under Calderwood as well?


Only thing ruins that video is the ridiculous commentary, everyones going mental with each goal and the commentators busy reading out some pointless stat from a sheet of paper.

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