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Iconic Goals

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Goals that defined, announced, teams , players, era's etc , your choice . Couple from me, the seminal Ronnie Radford goal . The second one, I remember watching Football Focus as a lad and they said now to Holland and one of the best goals (a curled overhead kick) you will see from a relatively "unknown" Marco Van Basten...





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Some quality finishes...with the left and with the right from one of AFC's finest, including the Torino blockbuster.





Have a + 10 for that chief.


Rico. What a fucking machine that man was. That goal v Torino was something else. The goal just before the Torino one. What a bounce. Any statto able to identify the team we were playing?

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Jess against rangers at ibrox top corner!


That gillhaus goal sticks in memory too. Italy 3-1 against brazil82, the celebration of tardelli is timeless


You beat me to it with the Marco Tardelli goal....his celebration, running away shaking his head and shouting "gol" "gol" is definitely an iconic goal and celebration.


Surely though, for us, it's the John Hewitt star jump after "that" goal against Real Madrid.

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