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Ryder Cup 2014 - Mcginley Is Captain

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I'm pleased that it's McGinley - he's a self effacing guy who will have the best interests of the team at heart with no agenda of self promotion. Monty's ego has always been a problem and he loves to be the centre of attention far too much - even in the commentary box at Medinah he was trying to claim some credit and celebrate the win as if he'd been part of it. Monty is a winning Ryder Cup captain but his team only won one session at Celtic Manor - and it was the session where all 12 players played due to the rain delays, so it wasn't even as if he had to think about leaving guys out.

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Why do you think McGinley is a prick fatshaft? What has he done that has led you to think this? Genuinely interested as to why McGinley is a prick as I've always thought he was pretty harmless.

He's the fella who was the driving force behind Lyle not getting the honour. And now, a guy who couldn't lace his boots is RC captain. Nah, not for me.

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Lyle was the best ever Scottish talent and has the best playing record but he clearly wasn't right for the captain role.


He's a bit of a loner, a bit of a weirdo (as is his wife) and there's no way he has the breadth of personality to take on the job.


Just like Faldo, and look what happened when he got the job...

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No idea where you got this impression. Never heard this one masel but even if true, that strengthens his case for me.

Well reported at the time.


Talk was of Lyle and others, McGinley said after Faldo's disastrous appointment, it should go to the right person, not the most deserving person. At this point, monty who as you know wason the committee, was asked to leave the room so that his own suitability could be openly discussed, he was called back in and offered the job there and then.

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