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For me the fat Ronald easily eclipses the good looking (apparently) one


These are my thoughts post 79, likes for likes attackers only






Gullit-van hasten - baggio - zidane - ri aldinhioo - ronaldo


Bergkasmp - cristiano- scholes - xavi -


The real Ronald is just a smidgen behind maradona

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might be on my own here but is it not a little more difficult to compare the stars such as messi and ronaldo to those in the past?


don't for one second think I am putting any of these two down but in past years some of the worlds greatest were not surrounded by a team of "galacticos". there weren't really these super dominant sides there are today due to money.


the players of the past like maradona for instance, he almost single handedly won serie A with Napoli.

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Pele? Aye the Brazilian one harcus...


Cristiano behind Ronaldhino, baggio(!), van Bastien and gullit??


Edit on blutos defence typing is a fucking mare on a nexus.


Yes I do think he is not as good as those players, quite clearly as well.


Baggio almost won the WC singlehandedlky. And vasn Bastien is probably rt he best striker ever.

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