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Penny Whistle V Scumdee Utd


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Anyone watching this?


Very poignant moment for Partick when they went to unfurl the Div 1 Champions flag.... only for it to remain hung in limbo, like a damp towel. A sign of things to come for Maryhill's finest?


Ushited look very average. No midfield and the new boy Shifty, looks pish.


Ozzie and Meerkat on the bench.

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Partick at least look to play football. We see this on a regular basis when Div1 champs come up.... they tend to resort to hoofball half way through the season though when they find out that football tends to end up in goalless draws, or losses.


Utd looked toothless. I think they'll struggle and Macnamara will end up getting sacked.


Anyway, let the Dons show the SPFL how fitba should be played tomorrow :crossfingers:

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was a decent match tbh. folk will look at it and say typical 0-0 shite, but was a no bad game. the partick left back Sinclair looks a decent player

He's a fine player. Guess which North East top division club released him at 15 after five seasons in the youth system??

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