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45k at piggery on sat but if you take a closer look there's probably a lot more empty seats than the 15k they are announcing

Wherever they went meaning away days. I haven't seen Septic Park selt oot against us in years! I thought that they had enough glory hunters wherever they went to fill an away end though.

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Notice all that twats that never used to go (or get tickets for away ends) go now, so the regular attenders at away games are diminishing dramatically since the huns died.


A lot of "fans" go to games now that never used to.


Was a lot of fans in the away end that were at their first game there in ages (or ever) whereas in the past they couldn't get tickets for away end.

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What an utter cock Johnstone is.

JB. Why did you offer Celtic season ticket holders reduction and not offer the same to Killie supporters? Are you aware of the fury among supporters?


MJ. Our season ticket holders aren't effected (sic) by this offer. SPFL rules prevent us reducing prices for East and West Stands having sold Chadwick at £26 for adults. This one day special offer applies to Moffat Stand only and is to encourage more children to attend.


JB. I'm not meaning Killie season ticket holders. I'm talking the ordinary Killie fan who turns up and pays per match. Have you not already sold Moffat stand tickets at a more expensive price than £20?


MJ. No, we haven't. The Moffat Stand is for away support only for this match. The Chadwick has almost sold out at £26/adult. We're trying to encourage more family groups/children to the Moffat Stand. We can't offer the equivalent in the East or West for home support.


JB. Why offer opposition fans better rates than your own supporters?


MJ. See previous answers. SPFL rule prevents same offer for East or West Stands.


JB. You can't blame rules for charging opposition fans less than your own supporters?


MJ. I'm not blaming anyone, merely pointing out the facts




Edit: Noticed there now is a deal for Killie fans (https://twitter.com/OfficialKillie/status/382836587525967872) but judging from the reaction it appears to have annoyed the Killie fans even more!

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