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ffs, is he nae just THE most pain in the erse footballer of this generation! thank f*ck he got booted out by PLG so we dont have to be on the receiving end of his tantrums and love of booting our players in the head. utter cum stain of a man

Agreed but would still love him to be in a aberdeen shirt, kind of player we need that gets stuck disna give a f*ck and is in peoples faces all the time plus he is a decent player!!

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You reckon. I would love Aberdeen to have a no-sh*t Ricksen type player in our side right now. Not quite as f*cked up in the head as ticking time bomb Ricksen but someone a bit more sane!!


Well exactly that - someone LIKE him - not him - which is what miniJC is spouting.


I think we would all like a ricksen type player as its the one thing our midfield lacks - but I ceraintly dont want to ever see him in a dons shirt.

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