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Italy vs Scotland


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Got a letter today from the Scotland Supporters club and its saying that the game is to be played in Bari due to the recent violence in the Sicily Derby. personally I am a bit annoyed that they didn't just forfeit the game it would make things a lot easier for us...

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yeah its to be moved to rome its suspected..


I hope so because alot of us are staying in Rome Monday, Tuesday night anyway so would save the hassle of travelling to Bari early on the Wednesday.


Either that or the Italian FA should cancel the rest of the season, including Internationals. Come on you know it makes sense.

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sure i read that theres only 5 stadiums in Italy that an currently hold a game under all the correct safety regualtions etc...


Yeh there is Turin which is under re-construction, there is Palermo which is unlikely due to trouble already this season when Newcastle played and Siena which only holds 12,000.


So Rome is the only logical choice.

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Didn't really catch it but some UEFA boy on Radio Scotland who had met with the Italian government/football authorities was interviewed. The game will not be played in Bari, the decision will be tomorrow. He even mention played the game in a neutral location - France :dontknow:

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Part of the security issues that stadiums require are automatic turnstiles, and something else I have now forgotten which sounded pretty basic to me.

Quite how this stops fans rioting on the streets of Italy with Police firing off tear gas, driving vans around like maniacs and smacking folk as fireworks are thrown at them, I'm not quite sure

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