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Aragones NOT a racist afterall


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I can see why he said it, Henry is an arrogant twat, with 1 rule for him and another for everyone else.


At the heat of the moment there has been many worse things said


Then call him an arrogant twat, not a black sh*t.


Heat of the moment or otherwise, it's not acceptable.


If he hasn't said it, then that's fair enough, he doesn't deserve the criticism, but if he did, I can't see any reason why it can be excused.

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His being arrogant does not justify racist abuse.


Agree with that. The guy's a first class knobend but call him an arrogant twat, not a black sh*t or whatever. The amount of racist abuse black players in Spain have to put up with is disgraceful. I remember Eto'o was going to walk off the pitch in a game last season, think it was at Zaragoza, for racist abuse from the fans. No one should have to put up with that.

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