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Ronaldinho versus Zidane


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Guest LondonScottish
Zidane. Simple.



Yep. Ronaldinho is a genius in some of the things he does, but the best players have more than (albeit exceptional) juggling and free kick skills. Give me Zizou every time.

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Both great players but when comparing both together it's always going to be Zidane, simply because he is a much better player and uses his tricks in a better way than Ronaldinho, will always remember watching Juve on a sunday afternoon on C4 when i was about 7/8 it was great seeing Zidane rip everyone apart and score a few cracking goals.

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Tarnished a wonderful career.


No it didnt. From his own point of view, he doesn't regret headbutting that gobsh*te materazzi, so i'd say it's not tarnished it at all.


In the same game he became only the 4th player ever to score in two seperate world cup finals, only the second European to do so. He's won the world cup, euro championships, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, European Player of the Year, 3 times winner of World Player of the Year and won the Ballon D'Or twice. I'm sure he's able to look back and be pretty contented with that little lot.


He's also better than Ronaldinho, who is a joy to watch, but there's far more to Zidane's game. The guy had the lot, greatest player of all time in my opinion.

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