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Denis Wise & leaked team news

Guest Stoney

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Anybody else see this over the weekend - apparantly one of his players was giving the team news to crystal palace - silly boy, said unnamed player wont play again for leeds (what a travisty).


Heard the player concerned was shuan derry

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I dont mind dennis wise think he's ok. If someone has leaked the team lines then f*cking right get rid of the c*nt. Palace will obviously defend the player so they dont look stupid.


According to the Crewe gaffer he said its not new and he has had several players in the past leak team lines about the opposition said it is normally players who get dropped or have a fall out with the boss. Thats sh*t if it happens regulaly, the players involved should pick there dummies up and get on with it.

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Thomson pulled out an hour before the game with an "injury"


but all the noise suggests it was derry


who incidently used to play with palace


all the noise? suggests? do you mean that you have read one or two leeds web sites and noticed that most people have put 2 & 2 together because derry used to play for palace? why have you put " " round injury? is it to suggest that you know more than most? reading your posts in this topic some might get the impression that you know what's going on, did you hear it was derry from someone connected with leeds or did you read on the internet (like everybody else) that some people are speculating that it was derry?

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i would never EVER go on one of those scumbags websites.


My pal who used to play for leeds told me the player (thomson) was haulled off during the warm up and was meant to be in the starting 11 then when the team lines went to the ref his name wasnt included and the reason was put fourth he was injured which was highly doubtfull - i asked if it was him who leaked the team info and he said no it was derry but said it was strange that thomson had been pulled out of the squad.


Couldnt give a rats ass if the storys true or not - as far as im concerned lids are a nothing club destined for the lower leagues.

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Palace manager, Peter Taylor is now saying that wise has over-reacted and blown the incident out of all proportion. He claims the players were just having a general conversation, that led to him having a slight idea what Leeds team would be.


Wise is a total and utter cock. I'm not surprised Taylor is saying this - remember they don't really get on from their Leicester days when Taylor signed Wise then tried to get rid of him after he smashed Callum Davidson's cheekbone.

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Dennis Wise was the epitome of why I have always hated all things Chelsea.


Now he's at dirty Leeds it simply adds more fuel t that fire.


Unless he's trying to instill siege mentality, then his reaction is over the top, but then again we don't know all the facts.

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Coincidentally, a mate of mine who is a Leeds fan, is also a huge Hearts fan, I think he may be the common factor in both clubs hitting the skids. :laughing:


I used to have a friend who supported both of those teams.


He was from Leeds, then moved to North Berwick where he took up the Jambo-ing.

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