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Newcastle vs. Some Belgian Team


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Guest El Padre
Damien Duff won a pen with a blatant dive... grr... hate it when that happens.


I notice the commentators were extremely reluctant to criticise him for it as well, they just commended him for winning the penalty. :dontknow:

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aye i know, but the toon are pretty much thru as well now, should be a fascinating battle. Was it double or quits on league position as well?


So whats the other team involved in this small wager, and whats the stakes guys.


Thought that the Belgian team were about as poor a side as I've seen at this stage of a European competition.

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Guest glasgowdon
Newcastle are pish!


Biggest under achieving team in the Premiership. Isn't like Newcastle to dive around the box to get a penalty is it? 2 in the space of a week. I've always hated Newcastle to be honest. I can't believe the team they played last night actually, they managed to beat Lokomotic Moscow, Sparta Prague and Austria Vienna. They're part timers and looked absolutely shocking last night, how Newcastle never beat them at least 6-1 last night I'll never know.


Martins doesn't know whether he wants to take a penalty with his right foot or his left foot.


Pumped Liverpool at the weekend anyway.

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Guest glasgowdon
Nearly got myself into trouble in the boozer in Newcastle at the weekend, for saying come on you reds after aberdeen scored :thumbup1:


Newcastle is a Dunfermline stronghold?

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We are always there or there abouts at the end of the season. Man United dominated due to the fact Fergie is one of the best club managers in history! Chelsea are dominating now due to the money they have to spend on class players.


The fact Liverpool have been taken over will see Liverpool progress and challenge all the way next season and even see us take the Premiership title. Everyone knows it will happen for Liverpool in the Premiership, its just a matter of time.


We're not an under achieving side at all, just because we haven't won the Premiership, I wouldn't call us under achieving. 10 trophies in less than 7 years is a magnificent achievement for a club.


Liverpool Haven't won the league in nearly 20 years.


Until they do that I will view them as underacheiving.


There or thereabouts doesn't cut it for me. Win the league, then they will have acheieved what the money they have spent deserves.

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Still won more 'League' titles than any other club in the Premiership!




Since they won the last one, they have under-achieved.


I don't really support anyone in England, so i'm not trying to get one up on you, I just believe that their managers have been charged, primarily, with winning the league, and they have not achieved that for (i believe) 17 years.


That equates to underacheivement for me, given the fact they have spent more than enough money to be able to acheive that goal.

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Yassssssssssssss! Lets celebrate one game. Still below us in the league mate, and yeah as far as I can see, struggling to qualify for Europe. 9th place was it? Achievement for you lot!

I wouldn't call 10 trophies since 2000 an under achieving side would you?


we'll call it 6 trophies, you're not getting the super cup and the charity shield, and lets face it, none of the big clubs have cared about the league cup for a while now, Liverpool have only very recently started fielding weakened sides in it, probably since Rafa took over.


Don't get too wound up mate, it's only English football, I really don't care about it that much, take no more than a passing interest in Newcastle, used to actively support them but these days its no big worry for me, got enough on my plate with the dandies to care too much about a team playing in a different league 250 miles away.


But getting it up Liverpool is always good, as their "fans" seem to hate it the most.

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