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Lithuanian Rhapsody


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Yeah apologies if this is old hat but can't rake through every post to see if it's been on before, pretty damn funny though, especially like the thunderbolts and lightning bit!


Lithuanian Rhapsody




Is this the real life?

Is it just fantasy?

Caught in a mad word, no escape to reality.

Open your eyes - realise his lies and see...

Vlad's just a madman, he needs no sympathy


Because there's

Little highs, many lows

Miko comes, Pressley goes!

Anyway the Hearts go, doesn't really matter to him...

To him...


Mad Vlad, just fired someone,

Another manager away, with no compensation pay, Mad Vlad, has just

begun, And now he's going to throw it all away!

Mad Vlad, ooooooooooh!

Didn't mean to lose control,

And if Gordon's got the flu - can't play tomorrow, Carry on, carry

on...like nothing really matters...


Too late, the time has come,

To meddle once again, put some players on the bench, "Goodbye

everybody, I've got to go!"

Said Webster as he packed his bags and left!

Mad Vlad, ooooooooooh!

The Pub Teams going down,

But at least they've got the time to drown their sorrows!


I see a little silhouetto of a man

It's got strings! It's got strings!

So it must be a puppet...




Valdas Ivanauskas, bringing duds from Kaunas!

Mikoluinas! (Mikoluinas)

Mikoluinas! (Mikoluinas)

Mikoluinas on the wing...


He's just a poor boy nobody loves him

He's just a poor boy from a poor family Spare him his life from this


"Webster's gone, Pressley too, will you let me go?"

No Miko no! We will not let you go! (Let him go!) No Miko no! We will

not let you go! (Let him go!) No Miko no! We will not let you go! (Let

him go!) Will not let you go! (Let him go!) Will not let you go! (Let

him go!) No No No No No No No No!


Oh Mikoluinas! (Mikoluinas)

Oh Mikoluinas! (Mikoluinas)

Mikoluinas on the wing!

Romanov has a pub team put aside for me, For me, For me!!!!!!!!!!


So you think you can drop them and spit in their eyes?

So you think you can bench them and leave them to cry?

Oh Vladdy! Can't do this to them Vladdy!

They'll just wanna get out!

Just wanna get right out of there!


Nothing really matters,

Though it may be sad...

Nothing really matters,

Nothing really matters...

...To Vlad.

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