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Janes addiction?



Kelt you're a bloody good poster. I enjoy reading your posts.



But JA? NO






Mon min


I take it you're not a fan  :laughing:


That's some quality stuff from Navarro, Flea, and Farrell right there. 


Well, if you didn't like Jane's meebes you can go for some James. 



A classic




A classic indeed.  For some reason reminiscent of the following... 


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@@CrazyBullSheep will like that one


I probably would if i could listen to it looks Beautiful/Crazy/Energetic = my kind of shit


Absolutely sublime Alice In Chains footage here...


I know there's a few fans on here @sooperhanz @@cheesepipes


First ones It Ain't Like That then Would? Make my penis stand very erect...


Dark and grubby and grimy and sludgy as FUCK. Powerful energy.


I'd have bitten the head off a live rooster to have attended those shows.





Good Lord, was sent this a few weeks back by my good man CheesyPeeps, brings a tear to the eye. Why did you leave us you beautiful Bastard, WHY WHY?????


A classic




Cannot disagree there

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Utterly magnificent.


I am instantly fortified when i watch that shit.


I can quite easily take every woman on this street as a concubine. Sick animals come to me for healing and love, and my cock shoots angry yet soft rainbow spunk in all directions - My enemies want to shower in its sticky wholesomeness. Then I pluck out their eyes....


That's some power ballad shit right there, Fuck i wish i could write music we could take over the fucking world with those lyrics

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Soccer Mommy


Stumbled across this. Some sweet guitar work and decent vocal.


@@Grays Babylon 1875 put Muse down for a while and try something decent

Soccer Mommy is very good, Henry Rollins and Iggy are fans and it was through one of their radio shows I came across the tunes.


Current album - The Cribs - The New Fellas


Won't be much love for it here, pretty much just the 29-34 age bracket that would've been into it


Great live, newer albums haven't been great.

Heeeey, there are still some youngsters in to them too, went to barrowlands to see them a few years back, superb.

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Football Ma would have been a better name.


I've been listening to Stereophonics a lot these days.


Fake gravelly voiced gap toothed Welsh gypsy but the dude can tell a nice story.


I mean, he doesn't have a great singing voice for rock really, but it's good enough, and the quality of lyric, the delivery and energy of the band keeps you bopping along.


Never been a stereophonics fan but I did like that Maybe Tomorrow song at school. I got a wahwah pedal off the back of it to learn the solo. Youth.

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