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Forza Milan

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Milan, along with the other leading Italian clubs, are a disgrace the corrupt b******s shouldn't even be in the competition.


you have been to games involivng the OF before ?


you have witnessed the level of " incompetancy " by Refs & the league to bend over for them at every golden oppertunity. ?


Tonight you'll witness the 2 of the most corrupt sides in Europe go head to head.


I'll be enjoying the game with a cool bottle of peroni & a chip supper, watching Kaka rip the pish out of O'Dea and watching Pirlo tear Lennon a new arsehole.


Though, it'll be interesting to see how the aging Milan back line deals with the pace of Miller, Beattie & McGeady

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It is exactly that for me. I want all British teams to do well in Europe. Yes, even the Huns.

:thumbup1: ????


How does "British" teams doing well in Europe help "Scotlands" coefficient.


Couldn't give a sh*te about coefficient. If we can't qualify for europe through the league or cup, as it stands, then quite frankly 1) we don't deserve to be in europe and 2) if by the OF doing well (and it is likely to only be the OF that would boost the coefficient sufficiently to get more teams in europe) we would get destroyed/humiliated/embarrassed.



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Is there anybody NOT supporting the rossoneri stasera?



Aye, I'm not.


I can't seem to hate Celtic as much as I detest the Huns.


When the Huns play in Europe I want to see them get humped as often and by as much goals as possible. When Celtic play I'm pretty indifferent to them if they win it's no problem, if they lose, then no problem either. I'd rather see them win though.

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:thumbup1: ????


How does "British" teams doing well in Europe help "Scotlands" coefficient.

Not at all. Scottish teams doing well helps our coefficient. I also like to see all British teams doing well because they are British. I'd prefer that than European competition dominated by Italian and Spanish teams. Places that mean nothing to me.

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I'd rather cut my knob off with a rusty pair of shears than support the Old Firm or any other Scottish club in any competition.


I support ABERDEEN and them only, all the other clubs in the SPL are our RIVALS, so I hope they get humiliated in Europe. I don't give a f*ck about the co-efficient or supporting our country's teams, we have a thing for supporting our country in football games, it's called the national team. I wouldn't support Rangers or Celtic in the Scottish Cup, so why support them in Europe?

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