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Do they remove themselves from the SPL for one night or something?




It is a competition they call The UEFA Champions League.


If the thread title was "Celtic in the Champions League" I wouldn't have opened it.


So it deserves to be in "All other football chat", cos real fans don't care about Celtic.



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It was about a player that plays in the SPL for an SPL club. Just because they're playing in the Champions League, doesn't mean to say they aren't an SPL club!!


Real Madrid fans probably don't care much about Aberdeen either after 1983, but what can be done eh?




You're missing the point anyway.

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Right boys, anyone that tunes in tonight to watch the game is not a 'real' Aberdeen fan because they obviously care about Celtic!



taking about the game and who will win is fine but asking if certain player will "produce the goods" you sound like a closet Tim! Imo obviously!

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