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Langfield or Esson?

Which one?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Ryan Esson
    • Jamie Langfield

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Langfield for me too.  He seems to have more of a presence than Esson and generally tries harder.  He hasn't made any major mistakes yet, either.


Yeah i agree there too.Was never a fan of Esson,but gave him the benefit of the doubt whan he came in last season and he played not too bad,but recently his mistakes were too high-profile and he had to be dropped.

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Guest TenementFunster

Don't really see a great deal of advantage of having EITHER of them.


Both pretty average keepers.


But I'm presuming that if Langfield is getting the nod then Leighton will have contributed to that decision.

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I'd say neither; Esson is as funster quite rightly mentioned, an average goalie. While I haven't seen Langfield since he's been at the Dons, I've seen him in action for several other clubs and have been less than impressed.


From what I've seen before, its only a matter of time before he drops a "David James-esque" clanger.


It is a pity Preece had to leave the club.

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