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West 'Am


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The way Pardew was treated at West Ham by that Magnusson twat was terrible, so Charlton's win today would have been sweet for him. Funny thing is, West Ham are actually worse now under Curbishley. They're gown down, no doubt about it. Charlton, on the other hand, have given themselves a fighting chance and i hope they do it.

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That young loon Snoyl wasn't daft enough to bet on West Ham again today was he?


As it happens my coupons are taking an absolute tanking today. Fekking woeful.


Nope, well no silly bets this week. I did have them in one of my dodgey coupons but that was well f*cked anyway. Birmingham city let me down in 2 of my coupons and Colchester let me down in the other. Still managed to spend

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I did have a soft spot for West Ham, but I think they've sold their soul by burning their bridges with Pardew, the man who took them to the Premiership and a Cup Final. Granted results hadn't been good, but Curbishley is a vastly overrated manager and is certainly not their saviour.


I was pleased for Alan Pardew yesterday. I'd love to see him keep Charlton up but I think it might just be too little too late.

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