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Sundays betting disaster!!!!


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mmm i wonder how much quite a few lost on this market - very scary stuff too and all thinking they are getting a free cash but they should have read the rules before getting involved in first goalscorer markets.







Finally this thread



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I don't really understand that, are they basically scamming betfair? or are they just making profit to cover losses?


Have you done this before milners?


scaming no as betfair is only a exchange and not a bookie but its what people call arbitrages (sure bets). There is plenty of sure bets every day that some people do but its for basically pennies unless you bet massive.


The guys that did this should have read the rules as all players that didn't play is counted as void which will muck up the betfair software that tells your liabilities - Arsenal played basically a reserve team that hurt the market of goalscorers.

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Guest LondonScottish

One of the scams when these bets first started was the time in seconds of the first throw in. They'd usually make a market of say 50-55, but some of the players cottoned on and the occasional ball was hammered out near enough form the kick-off, with a make-up of say 2 seconds. Mssive guaranteed profit, jus had to hope you won the toss!!!

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