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Ryan Giggs


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Very special player! To be able to play at the level he has been at in the last 15 years and if anything he's getting better is unbelievable!!


He's adapted his game to cope with his loss of pace (he's still fairly rapid mind!) and has now become a more cultured, all-round balanced footballer.


I would agree that he deserves the tag "football Legend".

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My favourite player in my lifetime.


I play left midfield and when i was younger i used to love watching him on tv/videos etc and always made sure i got the number 11 shirt playing for my teams!


Hope he gets a goal against Liverpool to mark his 700th game.


Win tomorrow and we are champions.

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One of the most talented players ever to play in the premiership. Agree if he was english they would have got much closer to winning something if not actually winning as in my opinion left wing is the one position they have failed to find a quality player for.


If Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo had been Scottish then we might have got close to winning something as well.

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The word legend is overused, but Giggs is a legend, no question about that!



Thank f*ck Keane wasn't English


Haha yeah, I just watched that performance of his against Juve in Italy on youtube, amazing.....especially when you consider he knew he was out of the final too!



His 700th appearance will be against Liverpool. Gutted being on the end of a defeat for your 700th game


Na na, settle down, I can see it already, 0-0 90th minute.....Gary Neville scores infront of the Kop to seal a 1-0 win for United and effectivley seal the championship, Gary Neville salutes the Kop and the Kop goes mental lol....

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If Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo had been Scottish then we might have got close to winning something as well.


Ahhh! sarcasim! I meant the problems England have had on the left mid postion over the 10 years Giggs would have transformed them!

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Other than the Arsenal goal, Giggs scored a cracker in the 93-94 season (I think) against QPR when he dribbled his way through their defence from around halfway. 1.45 in this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKmIRcBEhfo...ted&search=


And he did it against Juventus as well - 2.53 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_QPvFcILc


And Tottenham - 1.40 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKmIRcBEhfo...ted&search=


There was also a goal against Sheff Wed from a poor backpass, but the pace he showed to get to it was unreal.


And his chip against Liverpool in the 3-3 game a few seasons back! - 0.33 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_QPvFcILc


One of the few players that EVERY fan admires


How many times have you seen a defender sitting on hisarse, and Giggs bombing away from him?


Or chasing back an opposing attack player, sliding in, hooking the ball away, and setting something up for United?


Amazing player!

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Good to hear i aint the only one, came to the conclusion myself after watching him closely over the last few months.


Oh come on, the guy's 33 now and you came to the conclusion over the last few months! On his day, he was the best left winger in the world, running at defenders, turning them inside out and tearing them a new arsehole. Not as good now as he was back in the late 90's but still a bloody good player.

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Why would he choose to play for England if he's Welsh?


If anything he deserves more credit for that. He could have easily went with the easy option of England and played at World Cups but instead showed loyalty to his country.


He is one of the best British footballers of all time.


And you know it.

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Ryan Giggs chose Wales. He was offered the chance to play for England. He knew he wasn't good enough to play at the highest level with England so chose Wales.




Apologies to Nic-Nac, as THIS is the most bizarre statement i've ever read!


What utter nonsense! Giggs was NOT eligible to play for England, as his mum, dad and all 4 grandparents are Welsh. Giggs represented ENGLAND SCHOOLBOYS as he went to school there, which every schoolboy in England can do regardless of nationality.


You obviously DON'T know what you're talking about...


The fact that Giggs is one of the players being talked about for Player of the Year, along with Ronaldo/Scholes/Drogba says it all.

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Robo, say for example your mum was English but you were Scottish, and Steve Mcclaren phones you up asking if you want to play for them. What would you do?


A) Say yes because you want to play in World Cups and Euro Championships




B) Say no because you want to play for Scotland (the country of your birth), sacrificing the chance to play in these tournaments.





Yip thought as much.

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