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Loons v Brechin the day

Red Loon

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Some game the day.


Brechin 2-0 up at HT then Farfar pull it back to level. Then the ref sends off the wrong guy for shoving a Brechin player over - everyone in the ground can see its the Number 6 who's to blame - but the ref hasnt seen it at all. The linesman has though and tells the Ref its Paul Lunan who's guilty. Lunan is no 7 but gets the red anyway.


Next thing, the Brechin keeper, Craig Nelson, gets red for a second offence in the box, Forfar get a penalty and Darren Gribben smashes it past sub keeper John Hillcoat for a amazing result for the Loons.


Still getting relegated though.


A good

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Guest El Padre

Jesus, Craig Nelson, I remember when he was the great white hope.


Craig Nelson I mean, not Jesus, who clearly was THE great white hope.


He didn't do too great though, the whole crucifixion thing wrecked it all.


Again, I mean Craig Nelson. Never comfy with crosses.

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