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Bri’s Faroese Foursome

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Welcome to the thread that delivers.

The thread where your host kens which trawlers are fishing off of Greenland and therefore which players are unavailable. Unlike another thread urging you to put your hard earned on Motherwell who were missing 18 players.

The thread where your host kens the kick off times (fuckin middle of the night for the civilised world), and doesn’t burst his bet before others even wager on it.

Basically, if you want to win money, you’ve come to the right place.

Each week when eh can be bothered, eh will provide 4 tips to put paper on. They might be trebles (*spits*), singles, or overs. Whatever eh reckon works.

All odds quoted are that on Unibet.com.au, other odds are available.


1. HB -  NSI. Take HB to win

Odds: 1.85

This is the big clash of the day. Last years winners home to the runners up. HB are always solid at home, this is good value.

2. B68 - KI. Total goals over 3.5

Odds: 1.80

KI finished third last year which was a travesty. They were one round away from Europa League group play. They’ve signed an African boy who scored regularly in the Norwegian second division. KI score early and score often, so this looks good against a newly promoted team


3. 07 Vestur - B36.  B36 to be winning at half time and full time 

Odds: 1.50

07 Vestur are also up and will be this seasons whipping boys. Easy money.


4. GI - TB. Total goals under 3.5

Odds: 1.72

TB were utter shite last year but tended to lose 1-0 every week.


There you have it, the first of possibly many Bri’s Faroese Foursomes. 

Watch and learn padre.

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1 hour ago, Dad said:

Look at him go haha - terrific stuff

And here - see if that's me being alluded to in the preamble; well - a fine fucking line son 


Whilst humbled you've seen fit to commence with your own tribute to Dad, I'm no happy with the tone.


That's the get out of jail free used you wee prick

Don’t give a fuck what you think. Prick.


PS. Please put a line on to raise the profile.

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2 hours ago, Dad said:

Right you are son - although my mob dinnae offer a price on ht/ft for the B36 affair; I instead went for -2 B36 (as near in spirit as they offered). Rest were fine but.

A fucking Quad it is you wee bastard - hoo mama




Lets see what happens

Eh play them as singles, none of that quad shit

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Unless Pops has royally fucked up in placing the bet, looks like all 4 are up to me. Even taking into account the 2.5 or 3.5 goal differences in the platforms


EDIT......the dementia suffering old cunt hasn't mixed up the 2 games with the goals under/goals over bet recommendations by not noticing the different kick off times has he?

Further edit........no he didnt. Ive just seen where he's blown it


Frankie Says.............get your titters out.

Ah yes ?

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9 minutes ago, BrianFaePerth said:

? was looking at the results this morning and thinking “yassss, all 4 have come in, as eh knew they would”, then realised pater had taken B36 at -2 and eh almost fell off the crapper laughing

The ht/ft one was a close call, very late goal in the first half. After that was plain sailing.

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A new BFF coming tomorrow morning for you lovers of making cash money from fisherman playing fitba.

Some of the feedback received so far:


”Thanks Brian, that tenner I won on the BFF has brightened up my otherwise pathetic life. It’s paid for a months subscription to grannylovesanal.com. I’m now clean out of bog roll so need the BFF to come through again”

- Mr D Fonte, Inversneckie


”If I wasn’t a demented old fool, that elusive zenith of the betting world, the quad, would have been mine. I am a complete cunt and not worthy of your benevolence”

- Mr D Ad, Glasgow 


“I hope you die. Sorry Morag, you’re right I should put down my phone and get back to ironing your knickers”

- Mr T Upmond, Wick


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