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New General Counsel

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A warm welcome to Laura McCallum who has left Dundee Utd for Pittodrie. By all accounts an excellent appointment by the club. 

‘Laura’s role at the Club will focus on all football regulatory matters such as compliance, disciplinary, and governing body requirements for player transfers, contracts and registrations, whilst she will also support AFC’s commercial operations with all contractual and legal matters.’

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3 hours ago, RED_JOHN said:

Did you take that picture whilst kerb crawling?

No need to Red_John. Sorry, can’t help point you to someone willing to sort you out, even for money.

51 minutes ago, RED_JOHN said:

afc1903mad doesn’t have any real gumption about him to be Gordon Bennett.





Anyhoo, when I found the picture, I also saw some lassie with what would be a brilliant porn name and it’s her real name

Fanny Lyckman

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