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Stephen Glass: What should we do?

Stephen Glass: What do we do?   

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  1. 1. Stephen Glass: What do we do?

    • Sack him immediately
    • If we lose to Dundee
    • Review at end of October
    • Give him the full season

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6 minutes ago, milne_afc said:

Glass isn’t the problem. It’s the dick who hired him. Cormack is bad news. When are the accounts out?

I agree. 

The buck stops with Cormack.  He's the one restructuring the club and making all the key appointments. 

Glass will obviously be a casualty as he's not ready for a job of this magnitude but the issues run deeper than that. 

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1 minute ago, aberdeen1970 said:

I agree. 

The buck stops with Cormack.  He's the one restructuring the club. 

Glass will obviously be a casualty but the issues run deeper than that. 

Agree the question is obviously about Glass, but every week Cormack delays makes me question if he knows what he's doing, especially added to all the other shit about Hernandez, process, alleged exciting signings that never materialised. 

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Glass was not the best candidate. Honest to fuck. Does that Colgate arse think we are all stupid!

Glass is never a 1st team manager. He’s managed ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE!!  Yet he’s given the gig of a team fighting to get to the group stages of European competition. Absolute madness. 

Get this experiment to fuck and put a manager who knows what he is doing in there. I don’t give a shiny shite if it’s Davidson, Alex Neil etc etc. Just sort out our season or we are going to be fighting relegation.

We aren’t even playing attractive attacking football either. It’s been absolutely shite. It’s like McInnes but even worse in defence. 

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Cormack needs to spend less time trying to impress Americans and more time trying to impress Aberdonians. 

Too enamoured with all things American. Its fine to pick up good ideas from elsewhere but he just wants to turn us into some MLS outfit. Maybe someone should tell him there's promotion and relegation here and 8th place won't get you into the play offs for the title. 

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Just now, WesthillWanderersFC said:

Agree. On both points.

He’d be my pick, but he will be holding out for a decent job down south once their managerial merry go round starts soon.

He has enough credit in the back down there to get a decent Championship job. 

I think the challenge is on for DC. He needs to do something spectacular to make up for his reckless nepotism. 

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6 minutes ago, BonnieDon said:

Unlikely he'd be interested but Alex Neil would be my pick.

Agree, he would be a great signing.

Wasn’t there a rumour he was asked when Preston let him go and he said no he had his eye on a job in England tho.


5 minutes ago, WesthillWanderersFC said:

I fear it might be Popcorn teeth. 

FFS. Only bright side would be he’d get us away from the relegation zone

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Guest milne_afc
Just now, WesthillWanderersFC said:

Too obvious FFS :fishing:

He transformed Utd when they were floundering similarly to the Dons right now. I’d rather him than Lennon 

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17 minutes ago, Poodler said:

More successful than any dons manager in my lifetime (NL)

We’ve discussed this 

And you were told the first time, NO!

Sacked everywhere he’s been, & anyone on here could’ve managed the filth when he was there for most of his time there. 
The minute he had a decent challenge, he lost the plot, & was sacked.

Sadly, I do think he’d be a front runner though. 

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Sack Glass immediately. All the bravado about playing aggressive attacking football against teams then when we come up against a bad Celtic team we decide to start the match by sitting off them and letting them dictate the play on our own patch. 
Never going to be a good manager in a million years and is looking more and more vulnerable every passing week. 
We need a proper manager in the building now. This jobs for the boys ethos is what it is….when the going gets tough you need experienced men to fight and give direction. We are currently being run by people who are no more qualified than the boys brigade.

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9 minutes ago, WesthillWanderersFC said:

We won’t be relegated.

The worst we’ll be is 9th.

The best is 5th. 


Which is why I amended my comment to 'the prospect of'. A hypothetical situation that would play into Cormack's decision making. 

Current form suggests 9th is more likely than 5th, though. 

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