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What's the most disgusting thing you do?


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If I've not showered for a few days, weekend or something, come the Sunday I scratch and sniff my bollocks like fuck. I looked this up, apparently it's an ego thing. But aye, by far the worst thing I do. What's everyone else's minging habits? 

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29 minutes ago, Studebaker-90 said:

Not surprised you buy in to pseudo psychology. 

I said "apparently." 

Not surprised you're still looking for that big 'gotcha' for me. 

It'll come. 

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8 minutes ago, Poodler said:

write personal attacks/ racist/ distasteful/ bigoted things online behind a username that really upset people. without any remorse at all 

Why does your username upset?

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47 minutes ago, maryhilldon said:

Aye, that's what it is.

Next time you get proper cheesy balls, give them a proper scratch and inhale that sweet manly scent off your fingers. It's what I imagine huffing crack to be like. 

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1 hour ago, manboobs109 said:

Sniff the bog roll after I've had a shite.

Take a wee taste of my spunk after a wank.

I've defo sniffed the bog roll to see how bad it really is before. 

It's repulsive 

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11 minutes ago, Poodler said:

Anyone wank at work? Privately, obviously 


also does it have to be current/ consistent behaviour? 

Have done. 

Not at my current work, I should say. 

Not often, though. The shame afterwards is 200% intensified. 

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