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Day Trading


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8 hours ago, Ke1t said:


Everyone wants to be a day trader at the moment cos of crypto. It'll wreck a lot of people when the bear market kicks in and its not as easy to trade.

Still think investing in good projects early and holding beats trading. Or NFTS. Do some research into it. Bought into the below today at 1.2 ETH and its already doubled in value. Hard to make those gains in trading. Not selling though. 


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15 hours ago, Sooper-hanz said:

See yer stock traders and what not would they normally have a degree in this field?

I mean, a degree in economics might help.

Never let your own ignorance deter you from achieving greatness, though.

I'll try my hand at pretty much anything, regardless of a lack of knowledge or competence... you can usually get there in the end... and the process is always a fantastical adventure.



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