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Clubs badges

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2 hours ago, fine-n-dandy said:

Seen chat on another board regarding clubs badges & where they came from/mean etc.


Funny one regards Killies ?

Seriously though, wtf is their badge all about? Two squirrels trying to spit roast a football a a hand coming up from behind it saying ‘smell yer mum’ ?

Even by your standards and I mean this wholly, this thread is really, really poor 

Bizarre, even

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3 minutes ago, Studebaker-90 said:

Ach you’re just upset I called you out for creating one of the worst threads of all time, I don’t believe that I was in your thoughts in any way when you decided to create this abortion of a thread 

No you only entered my thoughts once it pissed you off. Correct.

Well done in not being so dumb as to falsely flatter yourself 

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