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Comedians you don't find funny

don corleone

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46 minutes ago, don corleone said:

The comedy circuit is seems to be  saturated at the moment with alot of bang average to completely unfunny comics. Here are a few that I don't get. 

Sarah pascoe

Catherine tate


16 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

Victoria Coren Mitchell 

Where is it your hatred for successful women comes from? Why is it your intimidated by them? Pathetic.

5 minutes ago, Zeus said:

Michael McIntyre

Rob Beckett 

White, middle aged. Fair game. 

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42 minutes ago, cheesepipes said:

That flid boy with the grotesque pincers. 

Clearly a box ticking exercise. 

Rosie Jones, good on her for making a living as a comedian but I can't understand her and she takes forever to speak. I'm probably just a miserable old cunt, but I don't want to try and work out what someone is saying hanging on every word waiting for a crap punchline

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6 minutes ago, manboobs109 said:

There's a breed of "comedians" that look for cheers instead of laughs. Nish Kumar and the likes. Moan about Tories or Brexit and wait for cheering and applause.


Bender comedy. 


The classic topics of comedy, homophobia, wife beating, racism, handicapped folk all banned for boring political mumbo jumbo from over achieving nailbombers. 

Give me Frankie Allen over any of those drips anyday. 

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8 minutes ago, Studebaker-90 said:

It was actually him that called his own wife that. Trapped in a marriage with a manatee who forced him to open a shit hole Chinese in a shit hole town. No wonder he hates her. 

I agree with the latter part as Fraserburgh is a fucking shitehole encompassed in depravity, misery, cliqueyness but a booming pharmaceutical industry. 

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