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Chelsea v Spurs


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Football rivals clash in street


Seven people were injured during a street brawl between Chelsea and Tottenham football rivals armed with knives, hockey sticks and wooden clubs.


Thirty-four people were arrested following what police believe was a pre-arranged fight in Parsons Green in south-west London at about 2020 GMT.


Up to 40 hooligans were involved and those hurt were taken to hospital with stab wounds and head injuries.


The clash followed the clubs' FA cup 3-3 draw at Chelsea on Sunday.


Riot police


A police spokesman said those arrested were in custody at police stations in west London.


Riot police were sent to the scene as running battles broke out after the match at Stamford Bridge Stadium. Officers took about an hour to quell the violence.


Detectives believe the fight was likely to have been organised in advance on the internet or via mobile phone.


There was no violence at the match, which was policed by 600 officers.


Supt Dave Page said such incidents after a football match were rare.


"But it would appear that a very small number of supporters were intent on meeting after the match for a confrontation," he said.


"We are committed to providing a safe and trouble-free environment for the majority of supporters who attend the match to support their teams."

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