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Spanish police

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Guest LondonScottish
I see one of them has cunningly disguised himself as a Union Flag in order to escape detection.


Smart cookie.



Is that slag-bag-hun-possible-woman offering her arse up for that copper?????

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Just recieved this email as im registered on Follow Follow!!


Feel free to email your stories!! :dontknow:


In view of the volume of complaints from it's members and the Rangers

support in general regarding the organisation of the game in Pamplona

and the behaviour of the police and authorities the Trust is calling for

fans who were present to send them accounts of their experiences.


Video and stills photography is also welcome.


Previously the Trust has produced highly detailed reports on Stuttgart

and Bratislava and this report will be in the same format.


It would assist if you could add your address and phone number - these

will not be divulged to outside parties.


It is vital the Trust has the evidence to gain a full picture of events

in and around the stadium both before and during the match. Please

send your information as quickly as possible.


Please send submissions in the first instance to byerley_turk@cqm.co.uk

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Looking a bit ominous for the Huns if this quote from the UEFA delegate is a sign of things to come.


But Uefa delegate Manos Mavrokoukoulakis criticised Rangers for allowing too many visiting fans to get into El Sadar Stadium during Wednesday's Uefa Cup tie.


"The critical point is that Osasuna gave Rangers 1,400 official tickets and Rangers could not convince other supporters not to travel," he told the Daily Express.


"A delegate may sometimes believe police have over-reacted, but those on the other side could say the visiting fans did the same."



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And Rangers captain Barry Ferguson was critical of the police after witnessing the treatment of travelling fans.


"The organisation was a disgrace and I just don't see our support as one that carries a reputation for trouble," said the midfielder, who was suspended for the game.


Bless him :checkit:

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