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The Year of the flops.....


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and am not talking about your dicks.


Basically from the start of the world cup onwards the season so far as been pretty poor for europe and other countries. I can name lots of players that should be setting the world a light but would take to long so i am only going to type a few.


Fabio Cannavaro- Had a great world cup, but since then has failed to impress at Madrid. Always rated this fellow but maybe the hype has went to his head for what ever reason he isn't doing his job very well.


Ronaldiho- Has been booed by own fans this season and had a very poor world cup. Everytime i see him play he looks uninterested and lacks heart.


Ballack- Has been very poor all season, but you could name a lot of the Chelsea squad being poor this season. Dont give me the pish that they are still 2nd and in the Champs league, am sure you'd expect more from a player that has such high skill.


Henry- Even if he has been injured the whole season when he has played he has looked well off the mark, maybe this is due to his injury but how can a player need a whole years rest?! :laughing:


Rooney- Apart from the past couple of games he hasn't scored as many as i thought. He still works hard and shows heart but i expected him to be better this season.


Anyway these are just a few to name. Rooney hasn't really been bad but apart from that this year has been poor. With Drogba and Ronaldo setting the EP a light just less than a year ago both these players were rumoured to be moving on with Drogba been slated by own fans and questioned in the media and Ronaldo about the whole him and England story.


Anyone feel the same way or reckon these players are just having a bad season?

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