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Ireland U17 vs Scotland U17

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Kicks off at 2pm this afternoon.


Should be a useful recruitment exercise for the Irish.... what the bet that come 5pm, those cheeky, loveable rogues, the Oirish will have pinched any young Scotsman who shows even a modicum of potential!


Cynical? Me? Never.



Depends how many sellic players are in the team. :laughing:


Do we have a squad list anywhere?

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Michael Andrews (Falkirk)

Steven Coutts (Motherwell)



Jonathan Brown (Heart of Midlothian)

Jonathan Crawford (Aberdeen)

Nicholas Gallagher (Rangers)

Ross Perry (Rangers)



Craig Connell (Celtic)

Daniel Galbraith (Manchester United)

Alistair Park (Rangers)

Jonathan Stewart (Heart of Midlothian)

Stephen Stirling (Rangers)

David Wotherspoon (Hibernian)



Gary Glen (Heart of Midlothian)

Michael Graham (Celtic)

Sean Kerr (Livingston)

Carlo Monti (Celtic)

Kris Renton (Norwich City)

Gary Mackay Steven (Ross County)


.... 3 potential plastic paddies!

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Gearoid Morrissey - Ringmahon Rangers



A name like that playing for Rangers, Donald Findlay will be raging, even though it Ringworm Rangers!!!!



Paul Honohan - Wilton Utd.

Craig Duggan - Kilreen Celtic




Surely these guys must be worth a trial? :dontknow:

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