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Free footie on the net

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Saw this on the Scottish FA site today.




Thursday, 22 Mar 2007


Scotland fans will be able to watch live internet coverage of the Scotland Under 20 team playing against Canada on Saturday night, thanks to a special service from Canadian television.


CBC Television has agreed with Soccer Canada to provide a broadband internet feed live of the Under 20 friendly between Canada and Scotland this Saturday, 24 March.


Christos Nikitopoulos, Senior Manager at CBC's TV Network Sports, said: "Our feed will be available on www.cbc.ca/sports and accessible to football fans worldwide. We offered to do this event as a service to the Canadian Football fan, but we have the ability to provide your fans with the game also."


The match at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby kicks off at 1 pm local time on Saturday, and with the eight hour time difference that is 9 pm in the UK.


This is the first of two matches Scotland are playing in Canada to prepare for the FIFA Under 20 World Cup in July.


Its my mates birthday on Saturday so I'll probably be too pished in a pub to care by 9pm.

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