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Milan v.s Bayern


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awarded Milan quite possibly the worst penalty decision ever. If anyone never saw it, imagine the penalty Motherwell got about 3/4 years back at fir park. Think it was McGuire tackled their right-mid (can't remember his name) and cleanly got the ball, yet the ref was the only person in the ground who thought it was a foul.


Anyway the same thing happened tonight, Kaka went through, Lucio cleanly toe-pokes the ball out for a corner, Kaka falls over and incredibly gets the decision.


Justice in the end for Bayern though getting 2 away goals again.

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Saw that, slid in but clearly got a toe on the ball and was never a penalty. Suppose you could say things evened themselves up when Bayern equalised in injury time.


What's the deal with Kahn, I noticed he wasn't playing, is he injured?

Think he had a ban or got injured yesterday, positive it's a ban though.

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