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Double Standards In European Football


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I was in the pub last night speaking to a Rangers fan and Celtic fan. They both reckon that the Old Firm are being victimised by UEFA. Whilst making it clear they didn't agree with sectarian chanting, they both agreed that it is not as dangerous as all the violence we've been seeing in Spain and Italy recently. However, they reckon it's Scottish teams that are being made an example of (Rangers with their songs, and Celtic for throwing a plastic bottle) because UEFA are too scared to touch teams from England, Spain, Italy or Germany. Scotland, as a smaller nation, doesn't wield as much power and influence as the big four so UEFA can safely pick on them.



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I work as a barman and it's part of my job to make conversation with the punters. I don't make a general habit of speaking about Rangers and Celtic normally...


If UEFA are so scared of touching clubs from so called bigger nations why were Feyenoord kicked out for crowd violence ? Why were Inter forced to play behind closed doors because of flare throwing ?

You could argue that Holland aren't a 'bigger nation', but as for Inter, fair point.

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