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Highland League Thread

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Today's Results


Cove 0-2 Keith

Deveronvale 0-1 Locos

Forres 0-0 Fraserburgh

Ft William 0-3 Nairn

Huntly 3-0 Brora

Rothes 0-2 Buckie

Lossie 0-1 Wick


Table P-Pts-GD

Locos 24-54-24

Buckie 25-53-27

Huntly 25-52-33

Keith 24-52-31

Vale 26-51-37


Next week

Forres vs Vale

Locos vs Rothes


Buckie, Keith and Huntly all play in the Highland League Cup. Looks like its Locos to throw away now.

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April fixtures should be announced this weekend.


Martin Allan, manager of The Highland League's Finest Club (there, I've claimed it, nobody else can - EVER) who play at The Undisputed Hame of World Fitba (ditto) said to me at Cove on Saturday that he wants midweek fixtures in the next 2 midweeks. That should go a long way to seeing how things pan out.


Keith have:


Nairn (h)


Forres (h)


Ft Wm (a)


Broch (a)


but really blew it against Forres when they should have won 10-1 (the penalty not given in the first half would need to be seen to be believed) and Rothes last Wednesday when they were lucky to escape with a point after being 2-0 up.


It's Locos' title to lose now, but Keith fans are still biling after that cowardly erse Mather refused to send off Tommy Wilson for assault in the game at Harlaw in January and then disallowed an equaliser for the Maroons for OFFSIDE :thumbs: when the ball was cut back from the goal line!


I've got a season ticket at Pittodrie, but have been to far more Keith games that I have Dons' games this year.


At least it's entertainment.

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Latest Results

Forres 3-3 Deveronvale

Ft William 0-2 Fraserburgh

Inverurie 3-1 Rothes

Lossie 1-1 Brora

Wick 1-0 Cove


And in the League Cup

Buckie 3-1 Nairn

Keith 2-0 Huntly

Come on the Jags in the final



Locos 25-57-26

Buckie 25-53-27

Vale 27-52-37

Huntly 25-52-33

Keith 24-52-31


Next week

Cove vs Huntly

Ft William vs Buckie

Keith vs Forres

Nairn vs Locos


Pretty much only Keith and Locos can win it now. Buckie still have to go to Inverurie I think but even if they win that one, they still need Locos to drop points in one of their other games and would also need Keith to drop points as well. Buckie could end up doing Keith a favour though, Buckie get something at Locos and Keith could sneak on in there, they still need to win the game in hand though.

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from the top end today.


Cove 5-1 Huntly

Ft Wiliam 0-2 Buckie

Keith 4-2 Forres

Nairn 1-2 Locos



Locos 26/60/27

Buckie 26/56/29

Keith 25/55/33


Games Remaining

Locos 28/4 Buckie (h), 5/5 Cove (h)

Buckie 25/4 Broch (h), 28/4 Locos (a)

Keith 28/4 Broch (a), 2/5 Ft William (a), 5/5 Nairn (h)


I'd say that Keith have got some chance of sneaking through. Buckie need to beat Locos and hope Locos drop points against Cove and also hope that Keith lose one of their last three games. Buckie will be finished first though and if they win their last two and set 62 as the target the other teams have to get there.

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