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Monday premiership action

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This time of year really does throw up some mad results!


Thought about putting on a random coupon with outside bets but didn't. Loads of upsets and draws today


EDIT: Southend just equalised against Preston. F*ckers



Yeah, I know.


Even Dundee Utd won at the weekend FFS.

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Leeds are losing. Fantastic. I have an uncle who is a Leeds fan and he used to give me tons of crap when I was a kid due to the fact Aberdeen were so poor. Would love it if they got relegated.


Barnsley winning as well! :dance:


18 QPR 42 -12 49

19 Leicester 41 -12 47

20 Hull 42 -16 44

21 Barnsley 42 -28 44

22 Leeds 42 -24 42

23 Southend 42 -25 42

24 Luton 42 -23 37


:nutter::laughing: :appl: :thumbs: :laughing::applause::dance:

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