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Reading through the Sevilla-Spurs thread reminded me of the referee's blunder in that game, where he awarded Sevilla a penalty when Robinson quite obviously got two hands on the ball. When questioned, the referee stated the reason for the penalty was that Robinson had taken the ball first, then the man, which was an incredible comment to make.


Have there ever been any instances where referees' actions have been called in to question after the event? I think that the referee in that match should be suspended for his mistake. He's made an error, which could cost Spurs the chance of victory in the tie and competition as a whole, as well as the extra revenue an extended run in the cup would generate.

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Agreed but dont know if it will happen. Could as you say end up putting spurs out of europe.

The only time i know of a ref getting suspended was the woman who gave a goal when the ball boy came on and put the ball in the back of the net in Brazil, i think. She's lucky she didnt get shot for that one though...

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