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Very unlucky for Spurs. Thought they played really well yet again but Sevilla's theatrics were shocking, just like last week.

That Dani Alves is just a little prick :ThumbsDown:


this is what i hate most about football, these are grown fit men not little girls, yet referees actually buy there antics its unbelivable at times.

the worst is when somebody grazes there head against an opponents nose and he falls to the ground like a pussy. it drives me nuts watching it.

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The biggest crime of that game was the commentary of Messrs Tyldsley and Pleat. What a complete lot of sh*te both of them speak, they really shouldn't be allowed to open their mouths at all.


Wasn't Tyldsley commentating, think it was Peter Drury, but yeah he and the Kerb Crawler were annoying as f*ck!

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