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Fulham Vs. Blackburn Rovers


New commentator for MOTD and I think she's awful. I don't want to hear some whiney, high pitched womans voice when I'm watching the football, thank you very much. It's almost as bad as when you are at pittodrie and you get some bint screaming into your ear every five minutes.


I'm all for equal opportunities but can we make sure it doesn't apply to football commentary? I' don't mind Gabby Logan and other bits of stuff getting involved but I don't want to hear their voices for the whole game - most men watch football just to get 90 minutes peace from whiney voiced women.


I'd rather listen to that prick from RobotWars.


Not impressed. :thumbup1:




Jacqui Oatley:



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21st century folks. It only seemed odd cos we're not used to it. Granted, she wasn't excellent, but afterall it was her first time on the programme - no doubt she'll get better as she gets used to it. If a commentator is good enough I have absoloutely no problem with them being on the telly.

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Guest glasgowdon
My game on Saturday. We had a woman referee. What the f*ck? I couldn't believe what was happening when I saw this woman coming to ref our game. I had a wipe my eyes. It was a scandal.


I also got booked for moaning at her and telling her what I thought of her performance, and the fact I didn't think she deserved to be in such a sport. Thought it was a sending off offence myself, so the stupid bitch couldn't even get that right!!!



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Guest glasgowdon

One thing that annoys me as well: the fact that in my opinion I thought she did a pretty poor job but this makes me sexist. :|

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Guest TenementFunster

I thought she wasn't very good. But that just puts her in the same category as well known,

notorious c*nts, Drury, Tyldesley, Motson and Peter Martin.


I agree her voice is a little whiney but not the worst by any means.

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