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PFA awards

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Guest Stoney

Obvioulsy havnt watched a lot of united games then, Ashley cole, Riise not fit to lace evra boots would have to be playing well to keep silvestre out of the team for as long as he did

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surprised both Ferdinand and Evra are in there. I'm not a big fan of Ferdinand's at all and i think Ricardo Carvalho should be in there, he's been outstanding.

Wouldn't say that Gerrard really deserves to be in there ahead of Essien either, compared to previous seasons, Gerrard hasn't been as good as we know he can be. But then, he is playing out of position for most of the year.

Other than that, think it's about right - Scholes and Giggs have been utterly outstanding this season.

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Evra has been magic this season!




Going forward and defensively, he's been a revelation.


Surprised to see van der saar there though.....thought maybe Cech would've got it. Berbatov is awesome...I love him haha.


Van Der Sar had been outstanding until the last couple of weeks. United had the best defensive record along with Liverpool for a long, long time.


Remember Cech was out for a while as well.

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I don't think Van Der Saar deserved to be in there, although I did seem to think Cech, but Cech was out for a lengthy spell, maybe that was taken into consideration. Ben Foster has done very well at Watford, good player. . . sh*t team!


Readings keeper has been not bad also, aswell as David James at times. Van Der Saar hasn't stood out for me this season as being the best in the land, but ach never mind.


Evra surprised me big time. What the f*ck?


What a lot of wank you talk :applause:


United had the best defensive record in the league until a couple of weeks back. Van Der Sar hadn't made an error (that I can think of) before the Portsmouth/Roma games.


Evra was outstanding until he got injured. Keeping Heinze on the bench is no mean feat, but shows the sort of level he was playing at to do so.


Gerrard shouldn't be in team of the year, as he's been pretty poor (by his standards) until the last couple of months. Essien should've been in ahead of him, no question.

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The Fiver has a good piece on it today.




Go down to your local graveyard and you'll probably see dozens of footballers dutifully digging their own graves as their ghostwriters inscribe monosyllabic epithets on diamond-encrusted tombstones. Because footballers like to plan ahead. At least that's the conclusion the Fiver draws from the fact that their union, the Professional Footballers' Association, orders them to vote for their player of the season in January, four months before the end of the season. No wonder Wags seek so much shopping therapy: it can't be much fun living with men who do things so prematurely.


Of course, the players could just as easily have cast their votes before a ball was even kicked - by simply imprinting their ballot papers with the words "whoever gets hyped up the most". The result would surely have been the same: a PFA team of the season featuring no less than eight MU Rowdies plus $tevie Mbe, Didier Drogba and - in a shock nod to life beyond the big four - Dimitar Berbatov! In fairness to the players, it may just have been their famous fondness for hilarious pranks that led them to choose Gary Neville and Patrice Evra as their best full-backs. But it's more likely that to them, as to Second-Choice Steve, unsung sorts such as Nicky Shorey simply don't exist.


Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Mbe all made the grade, of course, even though they've only flickered compared to consistently bright burners such as Mikel Arteta and David Bentley. Rio Ferdinand, when not coming close to beheading old ladies with wayward whacks, has been decent, but was he really better than Daniel Agger, Ricardo Carvalho or Bolton's Abdoulaye Meit

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