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Mourinho doing a Keegan?

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Guest Stoney

i dont think it was, i think its just frustration that his team is being out performed by man yoo, chelsea have had more then their fair share of lucky decisions over the season marinho just wants everthing to go his way

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Guest El Padre
I think Mourinho knew what he was doing - he's considerably less emotional than Kevin Keegan! (where is he these days, anyway?)


Doesn't Keegan run some sort of Soccer Skills academy up here somewhere?

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Mourinho's rant about Man utd not getting penalties against them really riled Jose on MOTD.


Ridiculous rant by 'the Special One'. I can think of no fewer than 5 incidents where United should've been awarded a pen but it wasn't given.


Interesting stat :-



5-------Penalties won-------4

4----Penalties conceded----2


The top sides should always get more pens, due to the law of averages. They attack more and will generally have players in the opposing box on more occasions.

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