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The 10 biggest wastes of money in football history

Guest El Padre

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On his day Bernard was a geat player, in 1995 he was very, very good, sadly he was consistently injured.


Picking a player who was involved in our last trophy winning side is bizzare when one could pick Brian O'Neil, The Bulgars, Ricky Gillies, Colin Woodthorpe, Nigel Pepper, Solberg etc etc. All of whom deserve to be in there ahead of Bernard.

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I'd say a million on Trevor Benjamin was a far bigger waste of money.


Nah, boy was quite young and at least you could say had a bit of potential. Splashing nearly half the money you make from selling Heskey on one player who's untried at Premiership level is criminal. :angry11:


Arnar Gunnlaugsson to Leicester for

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Is that the Hun that broke his leg in only his 2nd game?


Can't remember about th ebroken leg, but he was the hun who got sent off at Pittodrie in the same game as Duncan Shearer scored that brilliant team goal that was posted on here last week (1993).


And as for Paul Bernard, the price tag (which was actually closer to

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