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Kingsley Royal sent off!

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The giant lion, who wears Reading's blue and white hooped shirt at home games, was sent off by the referee because he was confusing him.


"I can see where the referee was getting confused," said Reading manager Steve Coppell after the game. "He does look like so many of my players."



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But you can't beat the Paisley Panda




Controversial St Mirren mascot Paisley the Panda (called by rival fans the Temazepanda) has been given the sack after he pretended to use a rival teams jersey (Falkirk) as toilet paper on the pitch. This was seen as the last straw for the club who believed that the mascot performer Chris Kelso had crossed the line on his latest misdemeanour which resulted in reprimand from the Strathclyde police. St Mirren's commercial Manager Campbell Kennedy announced :


"Following several complaints from Falkirk fans at yesterday's First Division match at St Mirren Park, the club have accepted the resignation of Chris Kelso, who acted as club mascot Paisley Panda."


Paisley Panda has been in trouble before for:


*Gesturing to Queen of the South fans with an inflatable sheep


*Taunting Falkirk fans about their lack of a stadium.


* Last season brandishing a poster at Falkirk fans, which read: "C U Next Season", a reference to the club's disappointment at being barred from promotion.


*Dancing in front of Morton fans with a banjo and playing the theme from Deliverance, the 1970s film featuring hillbilly villains.


* In Front of Morton away fans coming out with a bar of soap and a long-handled black brush and 'washing' in front of the visiting fans.


*Placing a giant "pine tree" air freshener behind the Caledonia Stand goals, again when Morton were the visitors.


* Joining in and disrupting the opposition pre-match (Morton's) warm-up. Scoring from the penalty spot then doing a Klinsmann dive into a puddle on the track.


* Whirling panda cub, Junior P around as an aircraft.


* Doing a cops & robbers type performance to The Professionals soundtrack before St Mirren take to the field against Morton


* Upsetting Henrik Larsson of Celtic in a pre season friendly by using an old hot water bottle as a tongue in a cheeky impersonation of his typical goal celebration


On some of these earlier occasions he had been given warnings from Strathclyde police. Chris said of these earlier incidents:


"When the police spoke to me after the sheep exploits, I was pretty nervous and worried that I might lose the slot as the panda. I was surprised when I heard the cops wanted to talk to me. The officers explained they knew I had a job to do but I had to drop the sheep gimmick. I was pretty gutted and taken aback. But the show must go on.... I am at the cutting edge of football mascotry and I have a duty to entertain my fans. If pleasing the fans by adopting risque routines means I will be labelled the black sheep of the mascot world, then so be it."


However, his entertainment was too much for St Mirren who have axed him and commercial manager Campbell Kennedy said last night:


``We have replaced him and now have a new Paisley Panda...He will make his debut at our next home game, which is against Raith Rovers on November 1... The club would like to thank Chris for his services to the club over the last couple of seasons."



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