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New Spurs kit

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My Spurs supporting flatmate showed me this the other day. It's too mark the 125th anniversary as was said as this was what their strip was like back when they started out.


I think it's absolutely disgusting to be honest. Wouldn't be seen dead wearing it.

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Tottenham Hotspur, is there really a point ... :wave:


And I'm not talking about releasing 4 strips (three of which look horrendous) as the spur for that question either


Still, maybe the Man U fans will get a green and yellow strip again soon to tie up with a shoe lace ... :laughing:

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WTF is the point in that? Talk about ripping off your fans :thumbup1:


How are they ripping off their fans? No-one's forcing or expecting anyone to buy all 4 strips. If anything, it's giving their fans a bigger variety to choose from.

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